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Flairfinance was Established by WIGNALL, Jonathan Howard And DAVIES, Gemma in May 2009, FlairFinance has built a track record of being one of the UK's most consistent performing fund managers.
Our Company is made up of professionals specialized, in portfolio management, trading and risk management. Operations involve senior managers covering all asset classes, a multi-manager team, a team of analysts, a trading desk, and a risk management desk. The company also employs professionals specialized in Legal & Compliance, Administration, Human Resources, Finance & Control, and Institutional Marketing for products managed.
Flair finance has witnessed strong and constant growth in the assets it manages, driven by ongoing product innovation in the range of products offered. Flair finance is a UK asset management company, regulated and supervised by the FINANCIAL CONDUCT AUTHORITY(FCA) and an interest in the American dream has its Compnay filed in SECURITY AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION (SEC.)


Flair Finance Management has a consistent ‘quality and value’ approach to managing client’s funds. Flare finance aims to provide clients with true to label ‘significant Style’ investment funds. What you should expect from a portfolio Manager
As an investor, flair finance will always seek to provide the following as core objectives when managing a client’s portfolio:

Reasonable Capital growth

Downside protection

Consistent Income

Low volatility

Tax effectiveness

Investment philosophy

Flair Finance investment philosophy is based on the premise that a company’s share price will reflect its underlying value over the long-term. We believe that markets are not fully efficient and there will be times that a company’s share price will not reflect what we believe to be that company’s true underlying value. Such situations provide our investment team with the opportunity to build long term portfolio positions in quality companies at attractive valuations.
Focusing on both quality and value, Flair Finance has an active, ‘bottom-up’ approach to identifying, researching and valuing companies. Our approach is systematic, disciplined and focuses on finding companies that meet our investment quality criteria and then determining an appropriate valuation for those companies. :
We look for four clear quality characteristics in companies:

Competitive Advantage

A history of consistent, recurring earnings

Capable Management

The ability to grow earnings and consequently their dividends over time

ESG Principles

Flair Finance Management believes that environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) practices can affect portfolio performance and are necessary considerations for responsible investing. ESG factors are part of our bottom-up analysis, where determining the sustainability of the issuer’s business model is paramount.

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